Adventure Doc

Adventure Doc  is medical company that specializes in global health, healthcare system strengthening and generation of medical intelligence reports.


Adventure Doc Consulting

  • Establishment of Casualty Evacuation Protocols (CAS-EVAC)

Designing and planning protocols for the evacuation of casualties to other medical facilities from virtually any site in the world utilizing a variety of transport methods

  • Medical directorship

Serving as Medical Director for your group’s medical department, facility or health care division. This can range from basic directorship to assuming full control, scheduling and quality control/improvement.

  • Design and implementation of patient care protocols

Establishing protocols for your staff to follow allows for highly improved patient care, omits errors and ensures the highes level of medical care possible.

  • Medical intelligence on endemic disease and mitigation

Adventure Doc monitors disease outbreaks, public health related news and political sitituations on a global level. We are able to impart this information to your group and advise you on the impacts this information might have on your organization.

  • Establishment of continuing medical education for staff

Medical education for your staff, delivered on-site or via web based technology and specifically tailored to medical providers working in international, remote and austere environments.

  • Design and construction of medical kits

Medical kits for individual team members, vehicles, remote areas of operation and field medical clinics that can also be pruchased through us and shipped anywhere in the world..

Adventure Doc Education

  • First aid and remote medical skills training

Adventure Doc Education offers classes, seminars and modules for those who work in remote, international and austere locations. Educational opportunities include wound care and suture skills, tropical medicine, advanced pharmacology, microbiology, TEMs (tactical emergency medicine), field water disinfection, primary care, sick call and urgent care medicine, pediatrics in remote locations, women’s health in remote locations and environmental medicine. For a full list of classes and opportunities please visit our website


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