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Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook App

Spec Ops med handbookI know I live in a small, damp cave but I just discovered one of my favorite books has an iTunes app! Even better is that is a GREAT app! The app has good search-ability, all the material in the text version and some really nice color pictures for procedures, color plates and parasite diagrams. The cost of $9.99 is very good, as well. I now have this in a print version, kindle version and now on my iPad and iPod touch. Fair warning…I will be asking questions from this book!

The Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook is simply one of he best remote medical handbooks out there. I use it constantly as a study guide and reference text.

Here it is on Amazon, too!

This book is required reading for most people I work with and should be well known by all those operating in remote and austere areas.

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