Aeromedical retrieval Education

Aero-Medical Retrieval Education

I have been fortunate enough to make some amazing and talented new friends on this trip to Australia and one of them happens to be an expert on Pre-Hospital and Aero-Medical Retrieval.

New Resources

This is being considered its own sub-specialty that is gaining more and more interest. Perhaps the best way to learn more about the field is to visit Dr. Minh Le Cong’s  wonderful blog: PHARM Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine. As if this is not enough of a contribution to the field, he also hosts a regular podcast that can be found on iTunes.

Minh’s background is as a Rural Generalist with emergency medicine advanced skills. He works for the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) and also serves as one of their chief educators. This is they guy to learn aero-medical retrieval from and his blog/podcast is a great place to start.

Formal Education 

Lastly, those who are interested in more formal studies of aero-medical retrieval might want to look into the STAR program (Specialized Training in Aeromedical Retrieval) offered by the RFDS. They are even organizing a certificate, diploma and master’s degree level education through Bond University. Who better to learn from than the largest proider of aeromedical rescue in the world!? Check out their program here:–training/the-rfds-star-program/

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