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Adventure Doc is busy preparing for an upcoming class on remote and expedition medicine for some of our new paramedics. The class is a bit modified for our own crew and will be focusing on the following topics for the first block of education:

  • Suture Skills and Wound Care (suture, staple, glue and wound care)
  • Tropical Medicine Basics (malaria, dengue, yellow fever, helminthes, leptospirosis and leishmaniasis)
  • Environmental Medicine (heat, cold, altitude and motion sickness)
  • Medical Kit Construction (case based scenarios)
  • Field Water Disinfection (pathology, methods, storage and pitfalls)
  • Adventure Doc Standing Orders and Treatment Protocols
  • Chartwork, Cas-Evacs, Documentation and Trip Deployment
  • Pharmacology Basics (antibiotic basics, pain management, altitude and diarrhea)
  • Traveler’s Diarrhea (diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention)

While there are many more classes and training modules that are required to learn prior to accompanying our travelers and adventurers in the field, these classes and modules make up the core foundation of skills and knowledge. The classroom lectures are combined with a lot of hands on training of wound closure on tissue models, medical equipment familiarity and skill stations. Detailed course materials will also be provided for home study and more detailed mastery of these subjects.

For more information on Adventure Doc Education Classes open to the general public you can visit our website:

Adventure Doc is very proud of our paramedics and consider them to be the best providers of medical care in international, remote and austere settings…Anywhere. For those interested in corporate or group training for your paramedics or health care providers please contact us via our website:

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