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Carrying Home Medication While Traveling

Many travelers are taking regular medications for one reason or another. Cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid regulation and depression are just a few very common examples of regular, daily home medications. Forgetting these medicines when you travel can have disastrous consequences! A few tips for carrying your home medications include:

  • Always carry your home medications in their original pharmacy bottles

This eliminates the embarrassing and hazardous need to explain to the custom’s officer why the cholesterol tablets you placed in a plastic bag are now crushed and look like a fine, white powder.

  • Carry a copy of your doctor’s prescription with you in your first aid kit

In the event your home medicines are lost, stolen, destroyed or you need refills this script will make it easier to refill at the local pharmacy.

  • Carry enough for your entire trip plus half again as much

If you are traveling for 14 days, bring 21 days worth of medicine. This gives you some comfort room in the event of delays in travel, missed planes or in case you just want to stay a bit longer!

  • Carry essential medications with you in your carry-on bag

Diabetic medicine, blood pressure treatment, diuretics and other essential medicines should be carried in your carry-on bag in case the checked luggage is lost or delayed.

  • Store medications as you would at home

Some insulin needs refrigeration and some medicines need to be kept from direct sunlight. Store your medicines while traveling the same way you do when you are at home.

  • Carry a list of your medicines with you at all times

In the event of an emergency and a trip to the emergency room or local doctor’s office you should be able to identify all your medications, doses and why you are taking them. Write this information down on a piece of paper and carry it in your wallet.


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