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Remote and Expedition Medicine Classes


Adventure Doc Education is very excited about finalizing several new course modules and they can be viewed on our main website.  Our Remote and Expedition Medicine classes are highly customizable and have been arranged into two sample programs.  Program one is 5 days in duration while program two is 7-10 days in duration depending on the needs of our participants.

The course modules can be combined into training sessions as short as 2-3 days or up to 15 days.  Details on the subject matter can be viewed on our PDF documents here.

Courses include:

Currently, Adventure Doc is working on completion of our Tactial Emergency Medicine (TEMs) modules and will be offering three day, five day and seven day sessions.  These TEMs classes will also be able to be combined with our Remote and Expedition coursework.  A combination of 4 days of Remote and Expeditionary Medicine with 3 days of TEMs is a perfect example of this.

For more information on these offerings please contact us at:

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