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Certificate in Travel Health

Coming up in May of this year, the Internaional Society of Travel Medicine is having their annual conference.  This year’s location is Boston.  This is also the time when health care providers sit the exam for their “Certificate in Travel Health“.  This is what I am planning to do, in a few more months.  I am in the process of preparing for the exam and I thought I would share some of the textbooks I am using.  These books are constantly open and I am reviewing information from them on a regular basis.

  • The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual (link here)
  • The CDC Health Information for International Travel 2010 Yellow Book (link here)
  • Travel Medicine Second Edition (link here)
  • MCQs in Travel and Tropical Medicine (link here)


  1. How’d the examination go? were you well suited for the exam after using those above resources?

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