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Travel Health Tips: Basics

Keeping it simple and focusing on the basics are sometimes key to getting a job done properly.  With this in mind, here is a list of some basic travel health tips:

1) Consult your travel health provider at least four to six weeks before you travel

2) Prepare a travel medical kit with your home medicines, electrolyte drinks and basic first aid supplies

3) Carry a copy of your medical records, medicines, allergies and vaccine history with you on your trip

4) Use DEET on your skin and Permethrin on your clothing to prevent mosquito bites

5) At the fist sign of diarrhea start drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated

6) If your food and water is not boiled, cooked or able to be peeled…Forget it!

7) Cross streets with care and always wear your seat belt. Trauma from car accidents is a major cause of traveler injury

8 ) Carry all your prescription medicines through customs in their original bottles and don’t forget a copy of the prescription

9) Know the contact information of the local embassy, ambulance service and whom to call in an emergency

10) Keep a close eye on your traveling partners…If something bad is happening to them it might happen to you next! Be excellent to each other and help out when you can

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