Adventure Doc Clinic Conferences First Aid Outbreaks and Updates

Expedition and remote medical training

We have been very busy with some new opportunities involving our lectures and teaching services.  Adventure Doc has partnered with  a group at Executive Force Protection and their medical group to provide a series of classes on tactical, remote and austere medical skills.  These classes are currently in development but will be available very shortly.  Our combined efforts will allow us to provide complete medical training for paramedics and health care providers who will be operating in remote locations or combat zones.

Type of Coursework

Tactical medicine, care under fire and combat lifesaver classes will be augmented with remote medical classes such as tropical medicine, water purification, suture skills, field diagnostics and laboratory skills, environmental medicine, improvisational medical skills, aero medical evacuation, search and rescue, remote women’s health and pediatrics, primary care in a remote and resource poor environment and many others! 

New Services to Travelers

Through our relationship with Executive Force Protection we are also able to offer a new level of care to our Adventure Doc Clinic travelers including threat assessment and mitigation.  This will add a new dimension of safety to our travelers, wherever in the world they are headed.

We are very excited about out new services and currently working on the course schedules and curriculum.  The Adventure Doc Clinic website will have more details under the Education page, very soon!

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