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Travel medicine video updates from Greece and North Africa

Everything is going quite well from Greece and we are prepping/packing for the upcoming trip to North Africa in 2 days.  We have already been shooting a lot of video on our Adventure Doc Talks video series and hopefully have some usable footage…we will see when we start the editing process.

After a few days in the southern Greek mainland, in the area of Sunio and the port town of Lavrio we started shooting video.  Marine life envenomations were the first topic we started with and we were lucky enough to find some sea urchins and jelly fish very quickly.

After the beaches on the Greek mainland we made our way to the island of  Crete.  On the ferry boat (8 hours) we managed to video sea sickness problems.  The old port of Xania was epic and very amazing…our hotel (Balmondo) was in the perfect location.  We hiked the Samaria gorge and shot our video on lower extremity injuries.  This was the perfect location to hurt your knees and ankles, fortunately none of us did!  We saw some great jellyfish and got some good information on dehydration treatment and prevention.

We are now back in Athens and plowing through a lot of video and completing our transfers onto hard-drive.  Lots of laundry to finish and we are packing for the next leg of the trip…Egypt and North Africa!  We are leaving in a few days and will be working down there for 12 days.  Pyramids, hummus, dehydration, the Nile river and heat stroke are all on the agenda!

Uploading pictures and video, to the web, from this location is difficult so we have to wait until we are back home to share the good stuff!

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