Adventure Doc Clinic Outbreaks and Updates Rants Wilderness

On the road…Travel time!

The Adventure Doc Clinic will be closed and the blog will not be updated as often as usual…We are traveling through Greece and North Africa working on shooting our travel and expedition medicine video series called Adventure Doc Talks!

We will be gone for approximately 7 weeks and the clinic will re-open in September, on our return.  To learn more about our travel medicine clinic visit: and our video project Adventure Doc Talks.  Thanks to all the involved parties who are helping us along the way including:

  • Oakley Sunglasses
  • Adventure Medical Kits
  • World Nomads Travel Insurance

We should have the initial edits done and ready to view in early December.  The topics we are covering include:  Dehydration, Sun burns and protection, Marine life envenomations and lower extremity injuries…

Check back for more updates and I will try to be updating the blog from the road…You can also follow us on twitter: @AdventureDoc

Thanks for visiting!

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