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Adventure Doc Talks: Travel and Expedition Medicine Videos

Adventure Doc Talks: Travel and Expedition Medicine Video Series

I am very excited about the new Adventure Doc project called “Adventure Doc Talks“.  This is a Travel and Expedition Medicine video series that will be discussing traveler’s health.  Our series will be shot at various locations around the globe and looking at health problems that affect travelers and adventurers.

The first episodes will be shot on location in the Greek Islands and Northern Africa.  The series will be made of 15 minute episodes.  Our first topics will look at:

  • Dehydration
  • Marine life envenomations
  • Heat Illness
  • Lower Extremity Injuries

Principal filming is set to start in August and September.  Please revisit the website or the blog to follow along as we start this amazing project!  Eventually, the series will be able to be viewed on one of the Adventure Doc websites.

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