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International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers

I received an email from the people at the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT) the other day.  For those who are rather new to my blog, I mention them often as a terrific source for travelers looking to learn more about their destination and specific health issues, along with finding approved local doctors in all corners of the world.  Their organization has been dedicated to helping travelers for 50 years and is only getting better!

Their website has many strong features and should be visited by any traveler looking to stay healthy on their travels.  They feature “travel health basics” on food and water safety precautions, vaccines, finding a local doctor in the event of emergency, staying healthy on the road and many more interesting pieces of advice.

IAMAT is an organization that runs on donations and memberships.  A very minimal donation or membership fee allows full website access and is highly advised.  They send out a wonderful book, maps of malaria and other goodies.  Please make sure that if you enjoy their website that you make a donation!

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