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Clinic update, a new movie and recent trips


Having been quite busy lately, I have had little time to make some posts! 

I was lucky enough to travel with the Flying Samaritans again to staff their medical clinic in El Rosario, Baja Mexico.  This was a great trip and we had a lot of fun.  Besides a few patients that had some scary blood pressures, everything went very well.  I even had a chance to work with the local doctor in the city who also operates their one and only ambulance. 

The Drifter” with surf star Rob Machado is a movie that I recently saw and loved every  minute of it.  The film was very well done and visually beautiful to watch.  Covering Rob’s escape from professional contest surfing and into Indonesia to chase waves, The Drifter had a great exploration feel to it.  This is a film I think most people would enjoy as it blends great surf footage with a travel show feel.

The Adventure Doc Clinic is doing well and plugging along.  All steps have been completed and we are waiting on our new shipment of vaccines.

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