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Expedition doctor and health care for hire while traveling

Services provided by The Adventure Doc Clinic
The healthcare of travelers and adventurers is the specialty of Adventure Doc Clinic. Our services keep costs to a minimum by allowing several tiers of medical coverage, tailored to each group’s individual needs. The medical staff of Adventure Doc is specially selected for their medical training in travel, expedition and emergency medicine. Our providers have all completed rigorous additional training to make them the most comprehensive practitioners in their fields.
The medical director of the Adventure Doc Clinic is Erik McLaughlin MD, MPH. Erik is an experienced traveler and adventurer in addition to his skills as a board certified physician. Dr. McLaughlin has completed a master’s degree in international health along with his diploma in travel and tropical medicine. He is an active member of both the Wilderness Medical Society and the International Society of Travel Medicine. Erik also is a frequent instructor, lecturer and author on topics related to travel and expedition medicine.
Expedition Doctor Accompaniment
The security of having a trained and experienced physician who specializes in Travel and Expedition Medicine adds a new dimension of safety to travelers. From pre-travel consultation including preventative health care, vaccines and potential health risks to health care in the field; our doctors add comprehensive health care coverage to any group of travelers, in any destination, performing any activity. Our physicians travel with the latest medical equipment and medications allowing them to diagnose and treat medical conditions in the field, immediately. Should illness or injury require evacuation, our doctors are there to assist and ensure the patients receive the highest level of care, regardless of location. With the help of our associated partners, medical evacuation and rescue from any location on the planet can be included in our services. This is truly a private, concierge doctor for adventurers.
 Paramedic Accompaniment
Travelers and expeditions do not always have the need or budget for a private “team doctor”. Adventure Doc offers paramedical services to accompany travelers and adventurers on their journeys. All paramedics have been hand-picked and benefited from additional training and experience in Travel Health and Emergency Medicine in both international and remote settings. Standard paramedical skills such as advanced life support, airway management, EKG interpretation and pain control are augmented with special training. All of our paramedics can travel with advanced medical diagnostic equipment and a medical kit containing advance life support equipment and medications, including antibiotics. Their additional training in conjunction with direct correspondence 24/7 with our medical control physician allows for a higher standard of care. Adventure Doc paramedics are capable of providing advanced medical support anywhere in the world, for any length of time and for any number of travelers/adventurers.
Remote Provider Access (LINC system)

For travelers and adventurers looking to have the benefit of consultation 24/7 with one of our specialized healthcare providers, without the expense of actually traveling with them, our Location Independent day/Night Contact (LINC) service is ideal. This allows for direct and personal contact with our health care providers via telephone, satellite phone or internet to assist with medical advice and care. Adventure Doc can also provide these communication devices. This service allows peace of mind to discuss and start treatment of illnesses without stopping the adventure to consult a local healthcare provider. This is a 24/7 service with access to your “private health care provider”. 

Adventure Doc is the premier provider of health care solutions for international travelers and adventurers. All of our health care packages are highly customizable allowing us to tailor each adventure with the best medical care possible, for any required time and in any location imaginable. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you get there and back again, in good health.

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