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Weekly Update for January 27, 2010

I have been quite busy this past week with working on the clinic!  Hopefully, people will get a chance to visit the website and see the new changes.  I also had some time to review my reading and try to catch up on what is going on in the world of Travel and Expedition Medicine…Here’s what I found:

  • A new method of reducing a dislocated shoulder was reported: The FARES technique.  Although originally published in another journal, a good description can be found on


  • The Medical Fusion Conference has set its faculty and speakers for their upcoming event in San Diego June 11-13th.  This conference looks at non-clinical careers for physicians including writing, entrepreneurship and medical device manufacture/design.  Dr. Greg Bledsoe is the organizer and his conferences are always well designed, informative and a delight to attend! 


  • A website called World Travel Watch  is really impressive and I wanted to let others know about it!  This site has helped travelers stay aware of threats around the world since 1985.


  • I am very excited about a regular column I am writing for Porthole Cruise Magazine.  I finally got to see the first article a few days ago and they made it look wonderful.  The magazine is devoted to cruising and cruise lifestyle so I am writing a section on staying healthy while on board.  More can be seen on their website.


  • I hope everybody liked my story about our recent trip to Baja with the Flying Samaritans.  I am already excited about my trip coming up next month! 

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