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Busy, busy and a few changes!


The few people who read the blog might have noticed that I have been absent from posting lately.  I have been quite busy with some other projects and will try to summarize:

I am very excited to announce that I am finally starting the Adventure Doc Clinic to provide consults for travelers and adventurers!  This project is still forming and the clinic should be set to open by the end of the year.  I am currently working on getting my vaccines, yellow fever stamps and other supplies.  Fortunately, my friends at Travel Clinics of America are providing a lot of help!  Some other great services I am excited to provide include real-time phone and web consults for travelers internationally and the ability to have a doctor or paramedic actually accompany them on their travels!

I have also teamed up with some new friends at Warrior School to provide some classes on expedition and remote medical skills.  The first class will cover basic wound care and suture skills.  I am excited about getting to work with Warrior School and we have a lot more plans up-coming!

All this expedition and travel medicine has been taking up a lot of time and I wanted to keep my clinical physician skills active.  I have started working part-time in the Emergency Room at a great facility right on the Arizona/Mexico border.  The ER there is fantastic and allows me to improve my skills as a “remote emergency” doctor.  The shifts are single-physician covered and the closest hospital is about one hour away, by helicopter!  I feel very lucky to have a chance to work there.

Writing about travel and expedition medicine is a huge passion of mine and fortunately I have been able to continue this!  The Indie Travel Podcast has allowed me to write a regular column on travel health.  Make sure to stop by and give them a read.  I also have a regular column with the Porthole Cruise Magazine looking at staying healthy on your cruise.  My good friends at World Nomads also publish my travel safety and health writings and I am very happy to be working with them for over a year now! 

Website changes are also in the works!  Careful observers may notice that the site now links directly to www.AdventureDoc.netwhich will serve as the new and permanent home for this blog.  The related site at www.AdventureDoc.orgis still under construction and will feature loads of travel, expedition and remote medical information.  That site will be the platform that I am publishing my “book” on travel, expedition and remote medicine for free.  The site is quite large and still needs more time to be built largely due to the number of pages it involves.  There is still some great information up there now and I invite anybody interested in these subjects to visit  This brings me to the website for the Adventure Doc Clinic at which is dedicated to the medical clinic and professional travel and expedition consultation.  Also a site under construction.

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