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New Adventure Travel Magazine


We have been quite busy lately with working on new website content, course development and arranging our own international adventures.  I am very happy to post about my friends at and the launch of their new print magazine

The people that have been working to develop this have a lot of travel miles under their shoes and some pretty decent design ability as well.  The fact that they recently won an award from Lonely Planet doesn’t hurt, either.  The are about ready to distribute their first edition of the print magazine and it looks simply amazing.  Travelers who are into a more independent trip, like the more remote and obscure areas and enjoy travel “off the beaten track” will find this a breath of fresh air. 

Of course they have a regular column on travel health and I am very pleased and flattered that they have asked me to contribute.  If you get a chance, stop by their website at and see what they have been up to.  Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to say that you started reading this magazine from the first issue!

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