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Expedition Medicine: July 5th round-up

I am very excited to say that I am a now a resident of Arizona!  I have survived the move from Chicago and am now back home in Tucson.  I have also been spending a lot of time on running, biking and exercise.  Obviously, sunburn and staying hydrated are two of the top things on my mind.

There are a lot of exciting things coming up in the next month and I wanted to share a bit of what has been occupying my time on the web, lately.

Global Health Workshop and Courses

The University of Arizona School of Public Health is about to begin their annual Global Health program.  I am especially excited to participate in this and hope all goes well!  Those looking to get a background in this subject should seriously take a look at their courses.

Expedition Medicine Textbook

Since I have finished residency, I have a bit more time to read before I start my new job in August.  One of the books that I have really been enjoying is “Expedition Medicine” by Drs. Bledsoe, Manyak and Townes.  I believe this book to be one of the premiere sources on expedition and remote medicine.  The contributing authors are exceptional and cover a wide range of topics, all required by expedition doctors.  I cannot say enough good things about this book and am totally enjoying reading it in great detail. 

Changes with AdventureHealthClinic and my websites 

I have assembled a very cool team to begin making some large changes to the websites I currently work-on.  Both and will be undergoing some big changes in the upcoming months.  Look for a lot more information, more services and resources for travelers and a lot of practical knowledge about expedition, travel and remote medicine.

World Nomads

I am very happy that has again published some of my articles on travel illnesses and immunizations related to Costa Rica.  Check-it-out over at their Travel Safety Hub.  I am very lucky to have such cool friends at this great organization.

Wilderness Medical Society Conference

The WMS conference in Snowmass, Colorado is coming up quickly (July 24-29) and it should be a great event!  Visit their site here  to learn more about this wonderful organization and this conference.  Those looking to learn more about topics in wilderness medicine will not find a better conference.


  1. Erik-

    Thanks for the kind words about our “Expedition & Wilderness Medicine” textbook. I wanted to let your readers know that our next event is August 21-23, 2009 in Washington, DC and all participants will receive a free copy of our textbook to use as their course syllabus. Details can be found on .

    Also, we have set up a new blog called the Medical Fusion Blog to discuss all of our events including our new Medical Fusion conference. This new event will highlight ways clinicians can use their medical training in areas like filmmaking, informatics, venture capital, publishing, medical journalism, etc… It is of use to future expedition physicians since it can provide the additional skills to open expedition doors and also supplement a doc’s income to free up time for expeditions. Details can be found at and our blog is at .

    Many thanks.

    Gregory H. Bledsoe, MD, MPH

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