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TCAAs I am nearing the end of my residency and getting a chance to see what exists outside the world of training, I am finding myself looking more and more at different ways to practice medicine.  Obviously, travel medicine is a great passion of mine and I plan to eventually open my own clinic.
I may be good at helping travelers decide which vaccines they might need, discussing safe and healthy travel and diagnosing travel related ailments, but that is only part of the equation.  How do I open my own clinic?  Where do I get travel medicine clients?  How should I advertise?  Fortunately, I have met some very knowledgeable people who help do exactly this! 
I have been fortunate enough to meet many great people involved with travel and expedition medicine and wanted to share some information about some new friends.  The doctors I have met at Travel Clinics of America (TCA) are like-minded practitioners of travel health and offer a service that increases travel medicine clients.  In fact, they not only offer great advice, they even help bring in new clients to an existing practice.
The TCA service also seems to be “minimally invasive” to a practice pocket-book, as well.  Through taking a small percentage of profits from only the clients that are involved with travel medicine, they will not interrupt the money generated from an existing practice such as a primary care or urgent care business.  Thus, using the service from Travel Clinics of America will only generate additional revenue.  Plus, the existing practice gets to offer travel health services to their patients!
For physicians that have not yet had the opportunity to study travel medicine, TCA even offers to educate physicians!  Educational modules are available and cover the basics that travel medicine practitioners need to know.  Obviously staying abreast of global health and disease spread is a key component and their blog is taking steps to help both travelers and practitioners keep up-to-date with this very dynamic field. 
This type of a post may be a little different than my usual writing but my goal with this is to help other health care practitioners become involved in a field of medicine that I dearly love.  Additionally, more travel providers means healthier travelers, overall.  That is one of the goals of my life and one of the goals of the Travel Clinics of America.
For healthcare providers looking to learn more about either starting a travel clinic of their own or incorporating travel medicine into their existing practice, I think a stop by their website would be time well spent.

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