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Swine Flu in USA, Mexico and many more? 4/27/09

Swine Flu is gathering more frequent flier miles than I will ever hope too.  By getting a free-ride in the respiratory systems of paying passengers, swine flu (H1N1) has been able to spread to more and more places.  As of April 27th 2009:

  • Mexico– 19 of 32 states in Mexico have clinical cases and 18 confirmed cases as of 4/26/09.  Thus far, there are 68 estimated fatalities
  • USA–  20 cases in America (8 New York, 7 California, 2 Texas, 2 Kansas, 1 Ohio) located in 5 of 50 states.  There have been no known fatalities in America as of 4/26/09.
  • Canada–  Nova Scotia has confirmed 4 cases of H1N1 (Swine flu) and British Columbia has 2 cases

Many other countries such as New Zealand, Spain, France and Israel have suspected cases that are awaiting testing and confirmation of H1N1.  These suspect cases are all in travelers who have returned from Mexico. 

Countries around the world are increasing surveillance at airports to detect ill travelers and some are beginning to quarantine travelersas they get off planes (Hong Kong, Russia, Japan).

Hong Kong and South Korea have advised their citizens to avoid travel to Mexico, while Italy Poland and Venezuela have issued advice to avoid travel to Mexico and USA.  The WHO (World Health Organization) has made no specific advise to avoid travel plans or stop trade/business.  There is rumor of a US State Department Warning  advising all non-essential travel to Mexico be posponed.  This warning has not yet been issued and is likely set for release on Monday 4/27/09.

The reported cases in New York and Canada are encouraging in the fact that none of the infected have died, but merely suffered a “bout of the flu” and are appearing to recover without problems.  Any person know to have traveled to an area with confirmed outbreak of H1N1 and meeting the case definition of an influenza-like illness is considered a suspect case pending laboratory confirmation.

For More Info:

A well summarized article from Pro-Med Mail, detailing events around the world related to Swine Flu


Check out Google Maps: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&t=p&msa=0&msid=106484775090296685271.0004681a37b713f6b5950&ll=32.639375,-110.390625&spn=15.738151,25.488281&z=5 for a realtime map of the world showing confirmed cases in purple, suspect cases in pink and deaths do not have a black dot.

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  1. “Mexico” are you serious? The U.S. has on the average 100 deaths from the flu daily, 200.000 Hospitalized per year. And how many Millions sick at home? Many more Cases then Mexico. The U.S. always blames their problems on other Countries. (Embarrassment) If you pay close attainting and do the research, you will catch these report slip up. in 1976 the so-called HINI swin flu was active. Have you ever heard of the All American flu or the California fruit fly? ‘NO” and I promise you “you never will” that’s the game, because of their stupidity and arrogance, they try to blame this stuff on Mexico, if it wasn’t Mexico it would be Canada or some other Country, whichever to save face. There has only been 17 death in Mexico, from the so-called swin flu, what they are doing, is blaming the swin flu on the General flu, the one that kills 36-38.000 Americans per year in the U.S. so now, what should we say, this swin flu kills Mexicans and bounces off Americans? 100 people die per day, 7 days week, 365 days per week in the U.S. believe me, Americans or dying from this flu, thay simple just say it’s the Other flu, don’t be so stupid. I’m going to Mexico Saturday. I don’t even consider getting the Flu; I know the Politics of the U.S. if I was so concerned about the flu, I should leave the U.S. were the flu is greater. For the last 20 years, I have been taken high doses of Vitamin C and have sense than, ever get sick from the Flu, Mexico City has some of the best universities and hospitals in the World (you will not be told this be the U.S.” To Arrogant”) Mexico can take care of themselves on this issue and please give me a brake on the so-called GROUND 0 Boy in Veracruz Mexico, who are they kidding, not me. I dont forget, the world has issued travel warning also to the U.S.

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