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Swine Flu in USA, Mexico and many more? 4/27/09


Swine Flu is gathering more frequent flier miles than I will ever hope too.  By getting a free-ride in the respiratory systems of paying passengers, swine flu (H1N1) has been able to spread to more and more places.  As of April 27th 2009:

Many other countries such as New Zealand, Spain, France and Israel have suspected cases that are awaiting testing and confirmation of H1N1.  These suspect cases are all in travelers who have returned from Mexico. 

Countries around the world are increasing surveillance at airports to detect ill travelers and some are beginning to quarantine travelersas they get off planes (Hong Kong, Russia, Japan).

Hong Kong and South Korea have advised their citizens to avoid travel to Mexico, while Italy Poland and Venezuela have issued advice to avoid travel to Mexico and USA.  The WHO (World Health Organization) has made no specific advise to avoid travel plans or stop trade/business.  There is rumor of a US State Department Warning  advising all non-essential travel to Mexico be posponed.  This warning has not yet been issued and is likely set for release on Monday 4/27/09.

The reported cases in New York and Canada are encouraging in the fact that none of the infected have died, but merely suffered a “bout of the flu” and are appearing to recover without problems.  Any person know to have traveled to an area with confirmed outbreak of H1N1 and meeting the case definition of an influenza-like illness is considered a suspect case pending laboratory confirmation.

For More Info:

A well summarized article from Pro-Med Mail, detailing events around the world related to Swine Flu,F2400_P1001_PUB_MAIL_ID:1010,77215

Check out Google Maps:,-110.390625&spn=15.738151,25.488281&z=5 for a realtime map of the world showing confirmed cases in purple, suspect cases in pink and deaths do not have a black dot.

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