Thanks for including my posts!

I am currently in Arizona on a job hunt and have had little time between interviews and meeting for any decent new posts.  Fortunately, a few of my articles have been published on other websites!

I want to thank Matador Travel for publishing an article about travelers and bedbugs.  These nasty insects are making a comeback and really do not care how much you paid for your hotel room.  This article looks at methods to deal with them on your travels.

Friends over at WorldNomads are also publishing an article about Dengue fever.  Dengue can be a fatal disease, spread through mosquito bites, and is something every traveler to the tropics needs to know about.

Greg and the crew over at also have an article I wrote about medicine for your travel first aid kit.  Common medications, their uses and what to carry are all discussed.  Greg’s new site also looks great and has a load of information for backpacker travel!

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