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This last week of web surfing has yielded a few sites that I am very happy to share with others.  I am constantly searching the net for interesting new sites and useful information to help keep travelers and adventurers healthy.  Here’s what I found this week:

Anybody traveling with children should have a look at this site!  Run by a pediatrician and geared to educating parents who participate in travel and outdoor activities, this site is a wealth of information.  Topics include insects, sunburns, vaccines and travel health…all written in easy to understand fashion.  Dr. Karl Neumann, a fellow member of the Wilderness Medical Society, dispenses great advice!

A travel health site geared to business, corporate and adventure travelers in the Georgia and nearby areas, this site is the place to visit should you need a travel health consultation.  AdventureMD offers membership and information to those looking to stay healthy while on adventures.  Their advisers are made up of medial professionals including those from the International Society of Travel Medicine.

There are a large number of “travel blogs” on the web.  Some popular, some inspirational, some informative and some opinionated. is where they all come together to share information, resources and ideas.  Recently started and growing rapidly, this community of writers and travelers offers an amazing resource for those who write and discuss travel, in all forms.  Check it out and I promise you will learn something and make some informative new friends!

How to stay healthy during flu season: AdventureDoc answers our questions

I have to include this article, written by Juliane Huang for  I was very fortunate to be interviewed in this article and Juli did a great job on the writing.  I hope this article sheds a little information on the struggle travelers have during influenza season.  Thanks for the opportunity Juli and Matador!

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