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Thanks for including my writing!


I wanted to post a thank-you to the people on the web who are including some examples of articles I’ve written:

Grand Rounds is a very cool collection of medical related blogs, gathered into a nice and easy to read format.  Thanks to for including my post about Rock climbing and finger injuries!

Matador Travel is an on-line traveler community with loads of information for travelers, adventurers, travel writers and those who enjoy other cultures.  I am very happy they chose to publish an article I wrote about Malaria Vaccines and What Travelers Need to Know.

World Nomads is a travel and health insurance company specializing in international and extreme sport coverage.  Their blog, Travel Safety Hub, helps travelers stay safe.  I am very proud they included a post I made on Mosquitoes and Bite Prevention.

Happy Holidays to everybody and thanks for stopping by!

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