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Medical documents for your trip


I made a post over at about important documents that travelers should carry with them and was just asked to re-post that item overe here:

When I am getting ready for a trip and have finally made it to the packing stage, I am usually very, very excited!  My packing routine usually consists of a few beers, some Bob Marley and most all of my personal belongings spread out like a “yard sale”, all over my bed.  I even have packing lists, checking off important items such as electricity converters, passport, batteries, phone charger, etc.  Some things I forget to bring, such as when I was recently in Washington, DC and had to find a black belt to match my clothes for an unexpected invitation to a formal and important business dinner, in about 30 minutes.  Some things should never be forgotten and those are documents and records related to your personal health and medical care.

In my job, I see a lot of sick people.  Having access to their medical records and history are very important and help speed up the process of seeking medical care.  I wanted to make a list of things travelers should carry with them, related to their medical history and conditions…


This should include the medication names, doses and frequency you take them.  Also, a copy of your prescription should be included, in case you lose your supply and need to arrange for more.  A translation of tis list into the local language might also be a good idea.  Don’t forget to include any herbal, over-the-counter or suppliments you may be taking.


This is important, especially if you are traveling in areas know for diseases such as Yellow Fever or participating in a special event that has requirements, such as Hajj.  The World Health Organization offers a

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