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Spot Satellite Messengers

spot-satellite-messengerOutside Magazine just posted their list of the coolest gear in 2008.  I was happy to see the Spot Satellite Messenger listed in there, with ultralight jackets and stoves.

This is a device that offers almost world-wide coverage and allows you to send a “HELP” signal to people’s mobile phones, e-mail or a emergency call center.  Use of GPS satellites ensures that help finds you, too!  There is even an option to allow your friends to track your progress, by viewing your trip map on the internet. 

Basic service plans start at about $100/year and you can add the option of sending messages, notifying people of your arrival to a destination, for a bit more. 

This is a very cool idea, to me.  Fortunately, there are still places in the world that a mobile-phone signal doesn’t reach, yet.  This little device provides some extra security for those looking to “get remote”.

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