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Plastic Water Bottle Updates

Building on the post previously, here

A new article from April 2008 discusses Nalgene’s plan to recall and stop production of their plastic polycarbonate bottles.

Check that article out:


  1. I’ve just bought 2 Nalgene’s water bottles for my kids and i hear they are no good is this true or not? I need to know before i let them use them they do have a #7 in the symbol on the bottom does this also mean something? Please get back to me i thank you

    1. Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my site and leave a comment!

      The subject of water bottle safety is indeed a hot topic right now. I know that I have personally stopped using plastic water bottles. The availability of stainless steel bottles has helped ease the transition.

      The chemical in question is Bisphenol A. The FDA has not issued warnings about this substance, found in plastics like water bottles, food containers etc. However, several other countries have.

      With the increasing popularity of stainless bottles, I have changed over and have asked my family to do the same. I hope this helps and if you find any interesting new research please forward it my way!

      Thanks again for reading!


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