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Getting Started with Remote, Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

“How do I get started in Wilderness, Remote and Expedition Medicine?”  This is a very good and not-so-unusual comment I seem to be getting.  I thought I would write a post about what I know and try to gather some resources in one, easy page.  The www.AdventureDoc.org website and this blog have a lot of links and resources, but they can be a bit to sort through.  Here it comes… In no particular order:

Classes/Hands-on Training:












Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine By: P. Auerbach, H. Donner and E. Weiss  ISBN: 0-323-01894-7

The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual By; E. Jonog and R. McMullen ISBN: 0-7216-4214-4

Manual of Rural Practice By: Hutten-Czapski, Magee and Wootton ISBN: 0-9781620-0-5

Primary Surgery Volumes 1 and 2 Edited By: King, Bewes, Cairns and Thornton ISBN: 0-19-261694-3

US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook ST-31-91B

Primary Anaesthesia Edited By: M. King ISBN: 0-19-261592-0

Medicins Sans Frontieres: Minor Surgical Procedures in Remote Areas

District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries Vol. 1 and 2 By: M. Cheesbrough ISBN: 0-521-66546-9

TravelMedicine.com Travel Health Guide

Medicine Sans Frontieres Clinical Guidelines Diagnosis and treatment manual for curative programmes in hospitals and dispensaries

World Health Organization International Travel and Health

Wilderness Medicine Newsletter






 Reuters Alert Net

Medicine for the Outdoors by Paul Auerbach MD

www.AdventureDoc.org (I gotta list mine)

This is just a few sites and information to get learn about travel, expedition, remote and wilderness medicine. My list is, by no means, comprehensive…just good places to start! Anybody that wants to suggest some others sites…let’s hear about them! Thanks!

Hope the information is useful!

Adventure Doc


  1. I was wondering to what depth of knowledge or how much med school you have to have to understand this publication. I was looking for something actually very simple along this order more geared towards tourist venturing into remote areas that would have to understand the regions diseases, treatments and precautions, signs of infection, when one has to seek professional help, etc. We need a simplified guide like this that “everyone” that travels can understand.

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