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Healthy Travel to the 2008 Olympics

The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, has an informative new page for travelers going to China for the Olympics. A very “user friendly” way to get some health information about vaccines, risks and things to know about before going to China, I am especially happy with the page that details the diseases you might be exposed to.

Schistosomiasis, Malaria, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis and Influenza are a few illnesses that are covered, in decent detail as well as preventive measures to be taken.

The Olympics offer unique challenges for the traveler, as either a spectator, worker or athlete. The nature that the games are staged at pre-set times and cannot be missed necessitate pre-planning to avoid missing scheduled events. Basically, if you miss and event, you can never see it, live, again. This means you don’t want to risk being ill on these days.

The CDC 2008 Olympics Travel Page can be found here:


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