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Kenya: Dangerous Place

The recent violence in Kenya, after allegations of election corruption, have stranded up to 600 Australian tourists in the country. The Australian Newspaper ran a story detailing the problems travelers are having with leaving the country. Road blocks, fuel shortages and travel delays are making travel within the country increasingly difficult.

Political rallys in Nairobi are occuring and all tourists are urged to stay sway. This week, the Australian government has issued a warning about reconsidering any unnecessary travel to the country pending calmer times.

Travel to “Dangerous Places” is what one journalist/author specializes in. Robert Young Pelton, author of one of my favorite books: Robert Young Pelton’s World’s Most Dangerous Places. This book shold be essential reading for anybody who travels, let alone travelers to areas of political unrest or war zones. For some more up-to-date info and a very lively forum, you can visit Pelton’s website http://comebackalive.com/site3.php and read what the Black Flag Cafe participants say. This is a very informative group of international aid workers, government contractors, world travelers, nut-jobs, journalists and professional adventurers who discuss world events and share travel tips. If you are looking to get some advice for travel in or out of remote Afghanistan, Colombia or Georgia, this is your site! Plus it has lots of good advice for us “mere mortal” travelers, too!

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