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I have found a new site that I am very impressed with: I think people who venture outside need to be prepared for some unpleasant and unexpected scenarios. This is exactly the website to prepare yourself. is filled with no-nonsense information and skills that are applicable for virtually any terrain and climate. The Forum section is very good reading and contains a lot of good info, from a multitude of readers.

For a bit of fun…try their survival quiz and see how much you need to learn.

Many thanks to the group that puts together this website and all the great information.

Adventure Doc

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  1. I would also recommend an added tool for any hikers climbers, survivalists, outdoorsman, etc.. I just purchased a SPOT Satellite Messenger from for about $149.99 it runs off satellite so it works where cell phones don’t . it lets you communicate to family and friend s to let them know your OK , and gives you the ability to get emergency help when you need it. I love it , I would recommend it to any outdoorsmen.

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