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In almost any time of year, the news features stories of people who are lost while outdoors, have to spend a night or two outside or become injured while outside in the wilds. Being prepared for this possibility is what seperates an uncomfortable scenario from a life threatening event. is a website that features an amazing amount of information. This information is presented in a very easy to read and learn manner. The site is a group effort of several people, all with extensive medical and outdoor backgrounds.

The writers of the site are also involved with educating children about outdoor safety and how to deal with being lost, outdoors. In addition to basic outdoor survival, there is an extensive list of topics that are very easily explained and discussed. These topics range from some obscure medical conditions to treating a wide range of snake and spider bites. There is also a very good section on identification of snakes and spiders, with great color pictures.

This site is a great resource for those looking to learn more about surviving a trip in the wilderness. Thanks to the people who are involved with the site for making a really great page!

Adventure Doc

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