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Water Bottle Safety and

I recently found a very informative and cool website/blog. is a site dedicated to outdoor Education, of all types. Specifically, those who provide education, such as guides, EMTs, instructors, etc. I find myself not only spending way too much time on the site, but also learning a ton!

One of the things I read was a great article about the “myth” surrounding the safety of the plastic/carbonate water bottles. You can read the excellent post here: Water Bottle Article. Thanks to Rick Curtis for this post!

The take home point is that there is still a study pending (due to be published in May 2008 by Health Canada) and there is no strong evidence in either direction. The chemical in question is Bisphenol A and its possible health issues for pregnant women and children.

I highly advise the site for anybody that is an outdoor educator or interested in learning some more about outdoor sports and safety.

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