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Ebola Feared to Cross into DRC

The recent Ebola outbreak in Uganda is being reported as contained. However, ther are growing concerns that the virus may have already spread to neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). IRIN has a recent article that reports a case with symptoms meeting the definition of Ebola criteria surfacing near the DRC border.

The Ebola outbreak in Uganda has approx. 130 reported cases with 35 fatalities, including 5 healthcare workers. Recent declines in numbers of newly reported cases are prompting the idea that the disease is being controlled.

A previous oubtreak of Ebola in the DRC killed 26 people and the disease was actually first discovered there in 1976.

Ebola virus is spread via contact with bodily fluids of an infected person. Saliva, urine, blood, feces and semen are know to carry the virus and should be avoided. Origins of the virus are still unclear, but there appears to be a link with handling or eating forest dwelling primates.

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  1. The article you linked to was very good, thanks! I really liked the graphic showing the different ways of infection. The video was also very informative and a little scary!

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