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Snake Bites in Sri Lanka

An Australian based journal called Remote and Rural Health has a very informative article about snake bites in Sri Lanka. The citation for the article is here: Whitehall JS, Yarlini M, Arunthathy M, Varan M, Kaanthan M, Isaivanan M, Vanprasath M. Snake bites in north east Sri Lanka. Rural and Remote Health 7 (online), 2007: 751. Available from:

I am especially glad to draw some attention to the journal, which publishes free, via the internet. I am biased, because I have an article pending publication with them, as well.

The article discusses treatment and impact of snake bites in Sri Lanka, but has clear information that is applicable to other areas of the world.

You can learn more about bites and stings at my homepage,  Reptiles, marine life and spiders and scorpions are covered, for now.

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