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CDC Removes Malaria Precautions in Bahamas

A new update from the CDC has removed cautions for malaria in the Bahamas. The specific area in the Bahams include Great Exuma. Travelers are cautioned to continue to take insect bite precautions, but anit-malarial medications are no longer required.

The original advice to use anti-malarial medication stemmed from 2 cases of malaria reported in August, 2007. Prior to that, there were several confirmed cases in 2006, as well. The Bahamas are not an area known for malaria transmission.

You can follow the battle against mosquitoes in the Caribbean over at a very informative site called: http://woodshedenvironment.wordpress.com/

Any travelers going to the Bahamas shoud consult the CDC Travel Notices Page for updates on the current sitituation and advice.

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