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I see the specialities of travel and tropical medicine overlap. I also see how wilderness and rural/remote medicine overlap. I feel that in order to practice the unique combination of all these, a health care provider must be a true generalist. Not the best in one thing, but fair in a wide variety of tasks, problems and environments. A sense of humor and ability to improvise are, perhaps the most vital. This is truly a unique speciality in medicine.

A very good website, with a lot of resources for people interested in studying this type of medicine, is The site is designed to assist health care workers, especially residents doctors, gain experience in this speciality.

The site has downloads relevent to being the one doctor on call. The anaesthesia manual is especially good. The person whom I have communicated with there has been James Li. Dr. Li has been kind enough to advise reading, educational activities and training opportunities with me, for which I am very grateful.

When I am asked about sites to visit to learn about remote medicine, I send them here, first.

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