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I came along an amazing website for tropical medicine.  The Tropical Medicine Central Resource associated with the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences has a very detailed registry of tropical medicine diseases that includes life cycle basics, geography, diagnostics and images, epidemiology and clincal descriptions.

 The Website is the online version of a textbook titled: The Imaging of Tropical Diseases, with Epidemiological, Pathological and Clincal Corrilation.

This site should be bookmarked for reference by anybody who studies tropical medicine.

 The Introduction of the Book is very cool and sums up the author’s goals:

This website contains the 1700 page, 2 volume textbook “The Imaging of Tropical Diseases, with Epidemiological, Pathological and Clinical Corrilation”. This project is presented with the gracious permission of the authors Philip E.S. Palmer MD, FRCR, FRCP, and Maurice M. Reeder MD, FACR, and of the publisher Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York; who holds the copyright to the book. All physcians and radiologist in the U.S. Military services, as well as their counterparts woh labor in developing countries of the tropical or so-called Third World and who cannot afford the cost of expensive textbooks, are welcome to take advantage of this remakable collection of images and background information gathered over a 40 year period by the authors from all regions of the world. It is the hopes of the authors and publicher that the provisions of this treatise freely to those who see and treat patients with these myriad tropical maladies will result in earlier and more accurate diagnosis and subsequent diminution in their morbidity and mortality.

The authors wish to thank Mr. Robert Reeder, Mr. Micheal Usera and Dr. James Smirnitopolis MD, for their considerable efforts and computer expertise in making this website possible.

Here’s that link to this amazing resource…

A big thanks to the people who publish, write and produce that site!

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