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Measles Cases in Italy

Eurosurveillance Weekly Release features an article on an Italian Student that was the center of a measles outbreak in the Piemont Region of Northern Italy.

From September to November 2007, a total of 46 cases were linked by contact with the 17 year old girl. The student returned from an international study trip in Cambridge, England immediately prior to appearence of symptoms. She flew with 54 classmates and toured London, as well. The dates fo her trip were Spetember 2nd through 15th. She developed fever 2 days after return to Italy, and rash 2 days after fever. She was un-vaccinated. Two other students on the trip were also un-vaccinated and developed symptoms similiar to the girl.

The siblings of the 17 year old girl, also unvaccinated, developed symptoms of fever and rash 10 days after their sister’s return. Both siblings developed symptoms on October 1st and were vaccinated on October 3rd. However, they had already become symptomatic.

By November 19th, a total of 33 cases were reported, mostly by young adults, who lived in the town of or attended classes with the original case (17 year old girl).

Outbreak measures were initiated and vaccinizations issued to unimmunized persons. The cases were reported to the EU to allow further tracking.

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