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I have found a new site that I am very impressed with: http://wilderness-survival.net/. I think people who venture outside need to be prepared for some unpleasant and unexpected scenarios. This is exactly the website to prepare yourself.

Wilderness-Survival.net is filled with no-nonsense information and skills that are applicable for virtually any terrain and climate. The Forum section is very good reading and contains a lot of good info, from a multitude of readers.

For a bit of fun…try their survival quiz and see how much you need to learn.

Many thanks to the group that puts together this website and all the great information.

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SurviveOutdoors.com Review

In almost any time of year, the news features stories of people who are lost while outdoors, have to spend a night or two outside or become injured while outside in the wilds. Being prepared for this possibility is what seperates an uncomfortable scenario from a life threatening event.

http://www.surviveoutdoors.com/ is a website that features an amazing amount of information. This information is presented in a very easy to read and learn manner. The site is a group effort of several people, all with extensive medical and outdoor backgrounds.

The writers of the site are also involved with educating children about outdoor safety and how to deal with being lost, outdoors. In addition to basic outdoor survival, there is an extensive list of topics that are very easily explained and discussed. These topics range from some obscure medical conditions to treating a wide range of snake and spider bites. There is also a very good section on identification of snakes and spiders, with great color pictures.

This site is a great resource for those looking to learn more about surviving a trip in the wilderness. Thanks to the people who are involved with the site for making a really great page!

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Water Bottle Safety and OutdoorED.com

I recently found a very informative and cool website/blog.   www.OutdoorED.com is a site dedicated to outdoor Education, of all types. Specifically, those who provide education, such as guides, EMTs, instructors, etc. I find myself not only spending way too much time on the site, but also learning a ton!

One of the things I read was a great article about the “myth” surrounding the safety of the plastic/carbonate water bottles. You can read the excellent post here: Water Bottle Article. Thanks to Rick Curtis for this post!

The take home point is that there is still a study pending (due to be published in May 2008 by Health Canada) and there is no strong evidence in either direction. The chemical in question is Bisphenol A and its possible health issues for pregnant women and children.

I highly advise the OutdoorED.com site for anybody that is an outdoor educator or interested in learning some more about outdoor sports and safety.

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Tropical Disease burden shared by Travelers

A recent news article in Medical News Today discussed the risk travelers have and burdens they could suffer from the “negelected tropical diseases” such as filariasis, schistosomes, river blindness and many others.

The GeoSentinel is a global health warning system that is also mentioned in the article. Maintained as a joint venture by the CDC (center for disease control) and ISTM (international society of travel medicine), this is a way for public health practitioners to exchange information on potential outbreaks.

The article sites another publication with this submission:
Filariasis in Travelers Presenting to the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network
Ettie M. Lipner, Melissa A. Law, Elizabeth Barnett, Jay S. Keystone, Frank von Sonnenburg, Louis Loutan, D. Rebecca Prevots, Amy D. Klion, Thomas B. Nutman, for the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network.

This article details filarial infections and rates/risks determined by the GeoSentinel system.

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Yellow Fever Vaccine Reactions in Peru: Follow-up

CDC released a statement discussing the deaths associated with Yellow Fever Vaccinization, in Peru. See original post on subject here. A total of four deaths have been associated with the YF vaccine, given in Peru, as a governmental response to potential outbreaks.

The vaccines implicated are all from the same lot numbers and manufacturer: Bio-Manguinos in Brazil. The investigators are still attempting to determine if there is a problem with the vaccine itself or a unique reaction to the vaccine, only in those who died.

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Public Library of Science Negelected Tropical Diseases

A resource that I am finding very interesting reading is from the Public Library of Science on-line Journal of Negelected Tropical Diseases. The PLoS series of journals are open source and peer reviewed. They are also available free, on-line.

I thought a few other people might enjoy some of their articles.

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Onchocerciasis in Cote D’Ivoire

A disease known as Onchocerciasis, also nicknamed “River Blindness” has made a re-emergence in Cote D’Ivoire. The illness, believed to have been eradicated from this part of Africa, has been reported in the last few months. Recent wars and fighting have lead to a breakdown of surveillance and prevention programs.

Studies done, as samples, from July to September 2007 indicate 14% of children under 5 years old are now infected with onchocerciasis. The parasitic disease is spread by Black Flies who make their living near slow moving rivers. One the victim is bitten by the black fly, parasite is introduced to the body. The worms (filaria) migrate through the body’s tissues.

As the adult worms migrate through the body’s tissues, there are various symptoms that are associated with onchocerciasis (river blindness). Thick, fibrous nodules are often left in skin tissues, making the skin change appearence to that of a “leopard”. “Hanging skin” is also common, due to loss of elasticity. Some pictures can be found here. This looks similiar to people who have recently lost a lot of weight. As the worms migrate through tissues of the eye, irreversable scarring and blindness occur. This parasit is a large cause of preventable blindness in Africa, especially in children.

Mass treatment is a common solution in endemic areas. Ivermectin is the drug used and is a major focus of the WHO Negelected Tropical Diseases branch. To prevent this parasite, stay away from slow moving water and take standard insect bite precautions.  A note to thos who are interested in these diseases…remember the Mazotti Reaction.  An “allergic type reaction” that occurs when a person infected with Onchocerciasis and given a dose of DEC.  DEC is a medicine used to treat Loa Loa.

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