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Ranger Medical Handbook


A friend over at the Black Flag Cafe gave me a link to a really amazing and free web book. The Ranger Medical Handbook is available for download and reading at that link ( 

Dec. 19, 2007:  Link above is disabled; see comments below-

I was pretty impressed the book was for free and the person who gave me the link repsonded that it was ment to save lives and for everybody. How cool is that!?

The book, being a military manual, covers a lot of information on trauma and battle related injuries in a straight forward manner without any extra medical jargon. There are a lot of “tricks”, learned only from field providers, that are invaluable for rapid assement/treatment of trauma victims.

Suprisingly, there is a good section on general medicine and health for things such as GI problems, emergency health kits, joint infections, dental emergencies, etc. I just wanted to pass the link along!

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