Adventure Sports Gear Outbreaks and Updates Travel Health Tropical Medicine Websites Wilderness Resource is a new resource that is finally getting to be up and running. This is a very useful tool that gathers peer submitted news dealing with travel health and wilderness/expedition medicine. It is filled with good stuff and information on current events involving medical care for travelers, adventurers and explorers.

The site works by users (it is free to join) submitting articles they feel are important to those with interests in travel medicine, expedition health and wilderness medicine. Readers can then vote on the relevence of the article and move it up in ranking.  RSS feeds are easy to create, from the site, to make ti easy to keep up to date.  Their RSS feed is actually carried on this blog.

Cinchona is the tree that quinine (the anti-malarial) is made from and the site is run by Dr. Greg Bledsoe. Dr. Bledsoe is also a speaker/organizer of the Expedition Medicine Conference coming up in Spetember 2008, in Washington D.C.

I am actually registering for the conference, myself, today. This should be great!

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