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Travel with Diabetes and Insulin

There is also a lot of questions about crossing datelines/timezones and “when do I take my insulin”. Elain Jong’s book, Travel Medicine Manual, has a great table. In summary, a two dose per day schedule, I am assuming is your regime, as a type one diabetic:

Day of departure: take your normal doses AM/PM

First day at new location: 2/3 your normal AM dose

10 hours after morning dose: Test your level of blood glucose, take your normal PM dose and if blood sugar greater than 240, take your remaining 1/3 from the morning dose.

Second day of new location: normal AM/PM doses.

As for insulin availability: I would check with some MD’s in the area about availability and a good place to start is the ISTM (internat society of trav med)list of clinics and/or the IAMAT (internat assoc for medical assist for travelers). Find who is a health care provider in the area and e-mail them about what type of insulin you use and if it is available. Also inquire about purchasing needles and test strips for your meter. Some places need a doctor’s script to sell needles.

I also like to tell people about this site: for carrying your insulin and keeping it cold, while traveling.

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