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Explorers Web: Good Stuff!

www.ExplorersWeb.com is a website I have been subscribing to for a while now. If you have never been there, it is pretty amazing. The page is about all types of expeditions; past, present and future. News updates from teams in the field and lots of information. You know you are a bit of a junkie for the site when you are logging in at 05:30 AM to check if there are any updates on a team you are following.

The site is run by Tom and Tina Sjogren and were recently profiled in Outside Magazine. The writing is filled with strong opinions and passion for exploration, adventure and a low tolerance for BS.

I am still finding new sections of the site. They even have a page with literal instructions on how to begin, fund and launch an expedition to climb Everest. WOW! What other website has that?!

The site is broken down into sections, or other linked pages. Information on Everest, Polar expeditions, oceanic adventures, technology and weather are just a few.

I also have to talk about their section on Expedition Medicine BaseCampMD.com. This site is one of the big daddy sites, to me. Filled with lots of tips and infromation on common mountain and wilderness related health care. Luanne Freer, from Everest ER, is one of the contributors, so you know it is going to be good!

This website is a a great way to follow what is going on in the world of expeditions. I am sure you are gonna love it!


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