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I came across an amazing resource, the other day,

This is actually an older site that I am embarassed to have just discovered. For over 20 years, Peter Lewis as the editor and Frank Hubbell, DO, as the primary author and medical editor have been producing the Wilderness Medicine Newsletter.

The new issues are seen via the web, 6 times per year. Their blog has some very good articles on archive, for those of you just finding out about this resource (like me).

I am quite impressed with what I have seen, thus far. The writing style covers a bit of history, some “basic facts” and then gets to the meat of it. The topics are presented in easy to read language and are suitable for all leves of health care providers. First responders to practicing physicians will all learn something in their articles.

The Wilderness Medicine Newsletter should be a regular resource for study of travel, wilderness and remote medicine.

Adventure Doc

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