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Malaria defeat in Zanzibar and a New Resource

http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/87445.phpImpressive Results follow Zanzibar’s Attack on Malaria

This is a pretty optimistic article on the advances of malaria prevention in sub-saharan africa. I found this article over at Cinchona.org.

This new site, still under construction, looks to be pretty cool. It came to my attention from Dr. Bledsoe, yes the same doctor who puts on the Expedition Medicine Conference, and who is pending publication of a new book on Expedition Medicine. Does this guy sleep?

More on the Cinchona project, once it gets officially up and running. The site can be viewed and is starting to come to life. I highly suggest taking a look over there for some interesting news on Expedition Medicine/Travel Health/Tactical Medicine/Etc… 

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