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Common Problems in Endurance Athletes-Review

Common Problems in Endurance Athletes
David D. Cosca, MD and Franco Navazio MD, PHD
American Family Physician 2007;76:237-44

This was a very good article that contained a wealth of information about common problems and injuries faced by endurance athletes. The article addressed specific sports such as running, cycling and hiking. The authors seem to cover a lot of topics very concisely and the injuries and conditions they discuss are quite commonly seen in hikers, adventurers and outdoor athletes.

Overuse injuries are covered in a specific section and include common causes of the injury, details of the physical exam to help confirm the diagnosis and finally looks at a role for diagnostic imaging, with some good guidance and options. Lastly, a detailed section covers treatments for injuries such as patellofemoral pani syndrome, Iliotibial band syndrome, shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome), Achilles tendon injuries, stress fractures and finally plantar fasciitis.

Medical conditions are also addressed, including exercise-induced asthma, over training syndrome and hyponatremia.

Overall, this article is very applicable to recognizing, treating and preventing common injuries and illnesses that occur in the more serious and/or adventurous athletes.

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