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Rift Valley Fever in Sudan

WHO has confirmed that an outbreak in Sudan, originally thought to be Yellow Fever is actually Rift Valley Fever.  Areas named included: White
Nile, Sennar, and Jazeera provinces in central and eastern Sudan

Promed had some information from Reuters about this and cited 60 dead and 125 cases. 

Rift Valley Fever

Basics: A febrile viral illness, similiar to west nile virus, this generally is self-limiting and lasts approximately one week. Fever, headache and malaise are common. Rift Valley Fever is a phlebovirus. May occasionally progress to hemorrhagic complications similiar to Dengue.

Location: Central Africa and as of 2000, Arabian Peninsula.

Transmission/Incubation: Acquired either from handling blood or animals infected with RVF or being bitten by mosquitoes who carry RVF.

Prevention: Prevention of mosquito bites with DEET spray, permethrin treated nets and clothing, avoidance of dawn and dusk biting times.

Diagnosis: Culture and growth of virus in mice

Treatment: Supportive care including fever reduction, pain control and IV fluids/drips for hemorrhagic complications.

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