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Worst Meningitis Epidemic in 10 years Predicted

There is a predition of the worst meningitis outbreak in 10 years, coming to Africa.
Prediction of the worst meningitis outbreak in 10 years is not by loonies who think the sky is falling. Reasons for this potential outbreak are due to the rainy season ending early, in central Africa.

There is a region of Africa known as the “meningitis belt” that can be seen here on Adventure Doc Meningitis.

Travelers going to Africa or any other gathering of people who could be carrying meningitis, such as the Hajj, in December, need to be prepared.

The meningitis vaccine covers 4 types of Nisseria Meningitis (A, C, Y, W-135). These are the most common strains you will run into in Africa. Unfortunately there is a “B” type that is not covered by the vaccine. The “B” type happens to be one of the most common strains in North America and Europe. Learn more about Meningitis and Vaccines over at my homepage.

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